Innovative beauty treatments representing MIRRA CAVIAR line contain the secret of long-lasting youth! Their efficiency lies in the unique properties of salmon and sturgeon caviar.  Caviar is an unmatched concentrate of biologically active substances, balanced in optimal proportions, that serve as a perfect food for our skin cells. That's why caviar cream is a wonderful gift for the skin headed towards maturation. 

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Cosmetics Company MIRRA has created and patented the sparing technology of caviar processing, which allows to include whole caviar into the active cream formula instead of extract. Caviar membrane is a valuable source of fish collagen, which helps reconstruct the affected collagen fibers and protect them against further damage. The inclusion of caviar membranes boosts the rejuvenating action of caviar cosmetics. 

We prepare caviar homogenate without using thermal treatment. Thus active substances contained in every little piece of caviar are 100% preserved. 

MIRRA CAVIAR is cellular cosmetics: by strengthening the cellular regeneration potential it repairs the damaged skin and corrects the signs of ageing. Also, it helps replenish the cellular energy reserve, boosts stress resistance, stimulates collagen and elastin production.