GLYCOLIM line of cosmetics is intended for safe and efficient peeling. At the basis of active formulas are glycolic and citric acids. These are natural compounds and biochemical reaction metabolites that are absolutely harmless to our skin. Not only does glycolic peel exfoliate dead cells of the horny skin layer, but also stimulates the epidermal regeneration, new collagen, elastin and dermal glycosaminoglycan production.

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Mirra peel lotions stimulate the correct cellular regeneration and can be used in a variety of procedures to improve the oily skin, correct pigmentation and acne. The effect is already visible after the first application. 

All products of GLYCOLIM range have been clinically tested for safety and efficiency. The different concentration of glycolic acid in each peeling lotion allows developing individual skin care programs with consideration of the client's skin type. Another advantage of GLYCOLIM is the presence of pre- and post-peeling treatments that allow finding complex solutions to a variety of skin issues.