The range of skincare treatments COLLAGEN PREMIUM has been developed on the basis of marine collagen, obtained from sea fish. Marine collagen is processed using a special patented technology that decomposes collagen molecules into lower molecular chains - peptides, amino acids, and trace elements - for better absorption.

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Regenerating Cream and Booster Serum contains a maximum amount of collagen available in a cosmetic product. Their active formulas are wired to stimulate cellular regeneration, improve the skin's own collagen and elastin production and help restore the damaged collagen and elastin fibres, thus preventing the loss of soft tissue volume. Instantly replenish the skin with moisture and help maintain it, feed the skin it with valuable marine minerals.

As a result of regular use, soft tissues become firmer and more resilient, regain their natural elasticity. Active formulas contain collagen amino acids:

  • Glycine - 35%
  • Hydroxyproline – 10-15%
  • Proline – 7-9%

Tired, dull, atonic skin with decreased resilience, firmness and fine lines will benefit most from a special range of collagen cosmetics by MIRRA.