Relaxing SPA Complex
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Relaxing SPA Complex

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Prophylactic remedy for stress & anxiety


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Relaxing SPA Complex helps prevent neurosis, hypertensive disorder and other stress-related health issues.
The combination of motherwort, clary sage, lemon myrtle and lemon-balm help overcome depressive episodes and sleep disturbances, restore the vital energy and emotional stability, prevent stress-related diseases. Natural ingredients strengthen the body's bioenergy potential, boost the reparative skin functions and enable a quick recovery after exposure to environmental hazards.


  • Facilitates relaxation, improves the sleep quality;
  • Removes mental and physical tension and tiredness;
  • Has an adaptogenic effect.


Balm concentrate is pressed out from a sachet on to the packet with salt and is spread on the surface. When the packet is soaked, it should be plunged into the bath with water. When dissolved the salt appears on the surface and undissolved particles are left inside the packet. It’s recommended to keep the water in the bath at 36-37°С. Maximum time for taking the bath is 15-20 minutes.

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