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Salmon caviar-based skincare set will nourish your skin, making it healthy and radiant.

Your skin needs power! Red caviar-based skincare treatments will supply your skin with important trace elements and boost its health and glow. „Unstress“ set contains:

• Cocoa Butter & Lime Tree Blossom Cream MAGIC

A truly magic rejuvenating skin care treatment! Cream covers your skin with a protective film that keeps it safe from environmental hazards. The unique formula with salmon caviar helps remove dryness and scaling, remove the signs of ageing. Cocoa butter will repair the skin and improve its condition.

• Cream Mask with Salmon Caviar

Cream Mask with Salmon Caviar will make your skin well-groomed, glowing and full of energy. Caviar homogenate contains a revitalising complex that smooths out fine lines, improves skin resilience, elasticity and overall condition. Cream Mask boosts the collagen production and feeds the skin with nutrients.

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