Cream Smoothie with Lycopene AGE CONTROL

Cream Smoothie with Lycopene AGE CONTROL

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Protects against environmental hazards and free radical damage, restores the skin's lipid barrier


• protects the skin against ageing caused by exposure to the sun;

• helps diminish the noticeable signs of premature ageing;

• improves skin resilience and elasticity;

• neutralises free radical activity and restores the skin’s lipid barrier;

• actively nourishes the skin and ensures a long-term moisture supply.

The major active ingredients of Cream Smoothie are antioxidants lycopene and dihydroquercetin, ylang-ylang essential oil, sandalwood essential oil and Ginkgo Biloba extract.

Lycopene (carotenoid obtained from tomatoes) is a powerful antioxidant. Actively protects the skin and takes care of its health. Prevents skin ageing and stimulates skin repair. Also, lycopene is a powerful natural UV filter that endows the cream with UV protection capacity equivalent to SPF3.

Dihydroquercetin is a natural, Siberian larch derived bioflavonoid pertaining to vitamin P group. It is distinguished by the antioxidant, capillary and radiation protectant, detoxicant and anti-inflammatory action. The combination of those two powerful antioxidants ensures the protection against a broad spectrum of UV radiation, stimulates the antioxidant activity and lowers the intensity of lipid peroxidation processes.

Ginkgo biloba extract is distinguished by antioxidant activity. It is proved that its flavonoid fraction halts the development of oxidative stress due to UV radiation and helps protect the tissues against its consequences.

Ylang ylang essential oil acts as a stimulant and antiseptic. As an ingredient of skin care product rejuvenates, moisturises and protects sensitive skin.

Sandalwood essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and antifungal ingredient. Facilitates the repair of damaged tissues, brightens pigmentation spots, helps fight acne, improves skin resilience and smoothes fine lines.

Cream Smoothie with Lycopene AGE CONTROL is recommended to include in anti-ageing skincare programs.


Using light massage movements, pat to cleansed face, neck and décolletage with your fingertips. Suitable to all skin types.


water, olive oil, wax emulsion, coconut oil, glycerin, monoglycerides, grapeseed oil, lycopene, dihydroquercetin, ylang ylang essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, Ginkgo Biloba extract, maltol, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, sharomix DMP.


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