Immunity & Longevity
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Immunity & Longevity

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Fo maintaining beautiful skin, enhancing mental and physical performance

"Immunity & Longevity" set contains:

• Skin Immunity Stimulating Cream IMMUNITY+

Skincare treatment with Echinacea and Leuzea root extract boosts the skin‘s immunity and feeds it with vitamins. Lavender and Tea tree essential oils remove inflammation, rash and redness. Aloe vera extract repairs and strengthens skin barrier function. Skin Immunity Stimulating Cream improves the facial colour and exerts a rejuvenating effect.

• Vitamin-Antioxidant Formula MIRRAVIT

Unique supplement formula contains the water-soluble vitamins and other special ingredients that improve the energy metabolism in the body. Ascorbic acid participates in the regulation of iron metabolism, helps maintain normal haematopoiesis (the formation of blood cellular components) and blood-vessel wall permeability, plays a critical part in blood protein synthesis. Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antihypoxant and has a similar structure to vitamins K, E, PP. Improves the efficiency of tissue oxygen supply, energy and vitamin metabolism. Succinic acid facilitates the absorption of nutrients and energy release essential to many physiological processes.

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