Absorbent Facial Peeling Mask with Green Tea
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  • Маска сорбент-пилинг с зеленым чаем - 3063 -  мл

Absorbent Facial Peeling Mask with Green Tea

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Exfoliates the skin, absorbs and removes impurities


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Absorbent Facial Peeling Mask absorbs and removes impurities, metabolic products, sebaceous and sweat gland secretions. The product is also distinguished by anti-inflammatory and mild skin brightening action. During the massage, the peeling mask delicately removes dead skin cells. As a result, the skin retains its natural hydro-lipid balance and becomes clean and fresh.


  • Deeply cleanses the skin;
  • Removes excess skin oil;
  • Removes dead cells.


Apply a small amount of powder to moistened face and neck skin avoiding the area around the eyes. With moistened fingers perform a light massage for 1 or 2 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water.

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Specific References

Magnesium Oxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Zinc Oxide, Citric Acid, Salicylic Acid, Camelia Sinensis Dry Extract.

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