Whitening Serum
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Whitening Serum

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The serum reduces pigmentation inhibiting increased melanin production; provides active anti-inflammatory and antioxidative action. This product effectively lightens freckles and pigment spots caused by pregnancy and injuries as well as photo pigmentation. When developing this serum we applied a complex approach to the problem of hypermelanose. All the active components of the serum are divided into the following groups: components reducing production of melanin – Sepiwhite, extracts of emblic, licorice and red bilberry, and vitamin C; components improving the peeling of the corneous layer – alpha hydroxy acids; components providing antiradical skin protection (antioxidants) – extracts of emblic, red bilberry, green tea, hibiscus, vitamins E and C; components inhibiting inflammatory mediators (anti-inflammatory components) – extracts of boswellia, mint and sage essential oils, vitamin E, amaranth and sasanqua oils. Rich and well-balanced formula provides long-lasting whitening effect and helps to get rid of pigmentation of various types.


Effectively inhibits increased melanin production which is the main skin pigment and lightens frickles, pigment spots caused by pregnancy and injuries and photo pigmentation.
Provides an active anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effect.


During 3-4 weeks apply morning and evening to the areas of hyperpigmentation. For additional protection it's recommended to use sunscreens with high SPF (Sunscreen cream SPF-30).

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