Cleansing and toning

Cleansing and toning

Everyday cleansing is an essential part of a skincare routine at any age and for any type of skin.

I think everyone knows that you should clean your skin using special products. Among our range of products, we have Cleansing Milk with Raspberry and Clover for dry skin and Fruit Acids and Chamomile Facial Cleanser for oily skin.

I recommend applying a small amount of any of these products on your wet hands and wash your face. Then rinse it off completely and without rubbing your face dry wipe the lotion over the skin. You will not waste too many products and this method will help to reduce the concentration of products for skin toning. Choose the lotion depending on your skin type. Cleansing and toning procedures are essential in the morning and at night, especially if you use makeup.

Deep cleansing is a procedure which you typically get done in a beauty parlor, for example, fruity acids peeling. But now we’ll discuss how we can clean our skin at home. My experience shows that a regular skincare routine is even more effective than occasional visits to a skincare professional.

We all know that our skin is constantly regenerating – dead skin cells appear on the surface and they prevent skin from breathing and absorbing creams. It means that if you don’t peel your skin, then even the most effective and expensive creams will have absolutely no effect. It is essential to use skin peeling products, at least, once a week. We can offer a range of such products for different skin types and for women of all ages.

Absorbent-Peeling Mask in the form of white powder is recommended for young people with oily skin. The mask is applied along the skin natural lines to damp skin after steaming. Leave it on your face for 20 minutes. The mask will be more effective if you’ll apply it while relaxing in a bath. By the way, you can apply it not only to your face, neck and décolleté area but also to the body or to your feet. You will be amazed at how silky and velvety your skin is.

For normal and dry skin, we have Moisturizing Cream-Scrub with microgranules. For aging skin, there is Enzymatic Peeling with Papain. This transparent gel containing papain dissolves dead skin cells. I love this product as I have aging skin and I have to treat it very delicately. What’s more important, after using it my skin is really shimmering. You should do deep cleansing once a week.

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