Perfectly clean, healthy and radiant skin with new masks

Perfectly clean, healthy and radiant skin with new masks

Everybody knows that clay is used to make bricks, and coal – to heat the house. However, those simple and earthy materials are great at maintaining the health and beauty of our skin!

It is not by accident that we talk about clay and coal: these are at the basis of our TOP NOVELTIES this fall – PINK CLAY RELAX MASK and CHARCOAL DETOX MASK.

Let‘s start with clay...

Clay is actively used in cosmetology. The thing is that clay particles are very small and have a specific surface area, which makes clay masks highly efficient in absorbing various impurities and skin oil.

Clay may contain an array of minerals. Mineral content determines the colour of clay. Pink clay contained in the Relaxing Mask is the source of sodium and potassium ions which help skin cells absorb water and thus ensure a moisturising effect.

Pink clay is distinguished by the following beneficial qualities:

  • Cleanses the skin due to large specific surface area and ability to absorb impurities;
  • Feeds the skin with minerals;
  • Soothes and relaxes;
  • Warms up the tissues.

Of course, not any clay is suitable to use for beauty purposes.
MIRRA uses pink Mediterranean clay, which is extracted from the quarry near Barcelona. It is dried and crushed into powder to achieve an ultra-fine - 40 micrometer - particle size. Particles have to meet the strictly defined parameters of size, colour, humidity, etc. that are subject to strict control in the production process. The microbiological safety is also carefully observed to prevent the passage of microorganisms contained in natural clay into cosmetic products.

pink clay facial mask

Besides pink clay, Relaxing Face Mask contains an array of other beneficial ingredients:

  • Pomegranate enzymes from fruit peels help revitalise the skin;
  • Vitamin PP stimulates collagen production in the skin;
  • Vitamin E serves as an antioxidant;
  • Pomegranate CO2 extract acts on cellular membrane proteins aquaporins that form water channels facilitating the passage of water into the cells and producing the moisturising effect.

For best results, apply the mask regularly, once a week, until you finish the jar.

Face mask with pink clay is suitable to women of all ages and can make an excellent present.

A few words on charcoal...

Charcoal is a great sorbent that excels in heavy metal absorption. That‘s why Charcoal Detox Mask is recommended to all the big city inhabitants who are daily exposed to atmospheric pollution.

There are many charcoal varieties. MIRRA uses the one that is extracted from peat-bogs and certified to the COSMOS-standard (organic product).

High-concentration charcoal gives the mask a beautiful grey or black colour and makes it very attractive.

Charcoal Detox Mask

Active ingredients:

  • Charcoal powder;
  • Inulin and gluco-oligosaccharides – prebiotics that help maintain skin flora balance;
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (biologically absorbable sulphur) and Allantoin acetyl methionine help remove skin problems, such as excess oiliness, proneness to inflammation and rashes;
  • Panthenol removes redness and irritation;
  • Aloe juice moisturises, soothes and stimulates cellular regeneration;
  • Black currant oil reduces skin oil production.

Due to mentioned qualities, Charcoal Detox Face Mask is recommended to oiliness and rash-prone skin, also – to pollutant-exposed skin in big city environment.

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