Proven effectiveness of  creams and gels containing black and red caviar

Proven effectiveness of creams and gels containing black and red caviar

Adequate skin care, efficient correction of the signs of aging is one of the major tasks of modern cosmetology. Although a huge variety of anti-aging treatments has been developed over time, caviar-based skin care has always been higher on demand. And this is no surprise: caviar is a luxury treat, high in nutritional value. How efficient is caviar as included in skin care treatment formula?

Actually, caviar is the perfect nutrient cocktail, as it contains amino acids, macro- and trace elements, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, growth factors, antioxidants, etc., balanced in optimal proportions. They help repair the epidermal lipid barrier, improve microcirculation, strengthen blood vessels, stimulate tissue regeneration, activate the renewal of epidermal matrix and boost the skin‘s antioxidant protection. All these functions contribute to slowing down the aging process.

Active formulas of MIRRA CAVIAR cosmetics are rich in natural ingredients, such as seafood by-products, essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Cosmetics Company MIRRA developed and patented a unique caviar processing technology (patent Nr. 2232587) that allowed for 100% preservation and delivery of nutrients contained in each single fish egg.

Exclusive formulas of our caviar-based skin care treatments and their production technologies were built around the principle of the Golden Ratio, known from ancient times as the principle of proportional perfection. The application of Golden Ratio helped improve the efficiency of our cosmetics multiple times. Synergistic compositions of carefully selected biologically active ingredients serve the same purpose.

The efficiency of MIRRA creams and gels containing black and red caviar was approved by clinical trials performed by independent agencies.

The effect of UMA-BALM on the basis of black caviar homogenate was tested at the Beauty Institute in Moscow. Both onetime and regular application of face cream showed high and steady hydration and significantly improved skin elasticity among the participants of the test (women aged 36 to 49).

Another trial was carried out at the Medicinal Centre for Corrective Cosmetology EKLAN. This time Cream Mask with Salmon Caviar was tested. Test participants – 38 to 66 year old women with visible signs of ageing, primarily caused by poor skin nutrition. Initially, the drop of skin tone and elasticity, different degrees of facial wrinkling were observed. Women applied Cream Mask to cleansed facial skin twice a day for 4 weeks. As a result of regular use, the significant improvement in skin hydration and elasticity was observed, wrinkles began to shrink, the skin became more even and smooth, acquired a healthy youthful look.

The objective methods of testing showed the improvement in skin elasticity by 41%, improvement in microcirculation by 28% and the evening out of skin surface by 28%. These findings testify to significantly improved skin nutrition. In the conclusion of clinical trial Cream Mask with Salmon Caviar is recommended as an efficient rejuvenating skin care treatment.

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