Gel Paste Applicator with Bacteriophages
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  • Гелевая паста-аппликатор для полости рта с бактериофагами - 3148 -  мл

Gel Paste Applicator with Bacteriophages

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Normalises oral cavity flora


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Gel Paste Applicator with Bacteriophages is an innovative oral care preparation with bacteriophage concentrate that helps maintain healthy teeth, gums, and oral cavity.

Bacteriophages (from Greek phagein = eat, swallow) are viruses that selectively attack bacteria and lyse or destroy them. In contrast to antibiotics, they affect only specific bacteria. Gel Paste Applicator contains a concentration of bacteriophages that selectively neutralise the oral cavity illness-inducing bacteria, restore the normal composition of oral flora. Essential oils and Liquorice extract strengthen the gums, protect against the plaque buildup and inflammation.

Gel Paste Applicator with Bacteriophages effectively cleanses the teeth, removes dental plaque and deodorises the oral cavity. It may come to aid in cases of oral cavity diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis, and help prevent their development. The preparation is essential for people wearing dentures.
The preparation doesn’t require rinsing, and is absolutely safe for children.


  • Restores the oral cavity flora;
  • Protects against inflammation;
  • Ensures a fresh breath.


Apply to gums for 5 minutes and repeat the procedure several times a day. People with a very sensitive mouth and teeth may use it as regular toothpaste.

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Specific References

Aqua, Glycerin, Abies- extract, Carbomer, Mentha piperita- essential oil, Lavandula angustifolia- essential oil, Sodium benzoate, Commiphora myrrha- essential oil, Salvia sclarea, Glycyrrhiza glabra- dry exstract, Sodium chloride.

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