Skin is the natural protective barrier of the human body. However, adverse environmental conditions, unbalanced diet and all kinds of stress weaken the skin's protective functions. Facial skin suffers the most damage. That's why it requires diligent daily care - cleansing, toning, moisturising and nourishing. These are the major steps of skin care. 

However, qualified facial skin care requires more than just following the steps - it also includes the ability to properly determine your skin type with its typical issues and requirements. Dry skin is usually thin, light and quite scaly. Oily skin, on the other hand, is thick, shiny, dotted with enlarged pores and closed comedones all over the face.  Normal skin doesn't have particular issues, and combination skin combines the areas of dry and oily skin. 

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The category of facial cosmetics by MIRRA combines multiple ranges of skincare that cater to individual skin needs. Here you'll find suitable products to address every skin type and condition that calls for intense and targeted action. These include acne, pigmentation, redness, sensitivity and other treatments.  

MIRRA offers a wide selection of anti-ageing skincare distinguished by rich, luxurious formulas that include caviar, minerals and biotechnology ingredients. Combined with the power of unique patented technologies these allow achieving wonderful results. 

The category also includes men's and children's skincare. 

Men's skin is different than women's but no less demanding. Our range of men's cosmetics has been developed with regard to its specific characteristics. Men's skincare softens and protects the skin, removes irritation, scaling and rash, restores moisture balance and normalises the sebaceous gland functions.

Baby & Children's skincare has been developed to match the high standards of safety and quality. It uses the power of delicate natural ingredients to offer the utmost care.