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MIRRA Healing Balms, otherwise known as cosmeceuticals, are multifunctional preparations distinguished by a high concentration of biologically active ingredients and targeted action. They help achieve results even in most complicated cases. Balanced formulas and innovative technologies help maintain the stability of natural active substances, ensure their transportation to targeted areas in the active form and sufficient quantity to achieve a therapeutic effect.  

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Healing Balms combine the efficiency of regular skincare treatments and medicated cosmetics. They come to aid when regular skincare is not enough and help deal with a variety of skin conditions, such as excess oiliness, excess dryness, rashes, redness, acne, allergic reactions, puffiness and keratosis. 

Healing Balms - Cosmeceuticals help relieve joint and muscle pain after intense physical activity, come to aid after burn or frostbite, soften the weatherbeaten skin. They provide active support in cases of couperose, varicose and common cold, help strengthen the immune system, relieve pain and inflammation. That's why cosmeceuticals are at the TOP of popularity since the start of Cosmetics Company MIRRA.