Skin Immunity Stimulating Cream IMMUNITY+
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Skin Immunity Stimulating Cream IMMUNITY+

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A unique product for the activation, regulation and support of the skin's immune system.

The condition of your skin is a consequence of the general state of your health. The skin has its own immunity, which affects its health and appearance, youth, and even face colour. If you feel that your reflection in the mirror shows troublesome signs — your skin needs immunity booster!

Immunostimulating cream-concentrate IMMUNITY+ will come to aid in cases of a heightened risk of skin immunodeficiency reactions: abrupt changes of temperature and climatic zones, long-term stress, apathy, fatigue, insomnia and general lack of sleep, etc. Active cream components work on a cellular level: protect the cells against damaging free radical action and UV radiation, stimulate the activity of growth factors involved in epidermal cell division.

Active cream components help restore the skin's barrier functions, even out skin tone, bring back health, beauty and youthful appearance. Apply IMMUNITY+ in the evening and enjoy a fully recovered skin in the morning.

IMMUNITY+ efficiently removes inflammatory skin reactions, including those caused by winter factors, like rash, redness and irritation, which makes it useful to problem (acne-prone) and irritated skin.


  • Restores the protective barrier of the skin.
  • Stimulates its own immunity (cellular immunomodulation).
  • Removes inflammatory reactions - rash, redness, irritation.
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Specific References

Aqua, complex emulsion (grape and coconut oil, monoglycerides, glycerol, emulsion wax, stearate and fatty alcohols, acelin wax, vitamins E and C, ascorbyl palmitate), zinc lactate, aloe tree fruits, levensee and echinacea purple, essential oils of lavender, tea tree, lemon, monarchy, myrrh, phenonipine HB, sodium hyoxide, epofen, β-carotene.

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