1. The seller is a private legal entity CJSC “Intermira” registered as a juridical person at the Vilnius branch of The Centre of Registers of The Republic of Lithuania. Legal entity code 303267470, legal address A. Jakshto str. 13-48, LT-01105 Vilnius, address of correspondence: A. Jakshto str. 13-48, LT-01105 Vilnius.

2. Mirra.eu is an international online shop.

3. Buyer – any person 16 years of age or older, whose legal capacity is not limited by the court; 2) persons from 14 to 16 years with the consent of parents or guardians, except when they independently manage their income; 3) legal entities; 4) authorized representatives of all the persons mentioned above.

4. Account - the result of the buyer's registration at mirra.eu, after which a personal account is created which stores personal data and the history of orders of the buyer.

5. Mirra.eu accounts - are Intermira accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vkontakte, Linkedin, etc., under which information about mirra.eu online shop and its services is provided.

6. Services - all the services of mirra.eu, provided to the Buyer.

7. Cookie - a small text file sent to the device of any person visiting mirra.eu. This definition covers not only cookies but also the use of such tools - the result of the Buyer's registration at mirra.eu, after which a personal account is created that stores his personal data and the history of orders.

8. A password – is a combination of letters and characters, created and known only by the Buyer, which is entered for the first time while registering at mirra.eu or using the password recovery function, and afterwards - for the purpose of logging to the account.

9. Browser - is a program designed to view web pages (sites) on the network, installed on a personal computer or mobile device.

10. Personal data - any information related to a directly or indirectly identified individual whose identity can be proven by using such data as personal code, one or more features of the physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social character inherent by the person.

11. Personal data controller - Mirra.eu.

12. Privacy policy - a document confirmed by the seller, which provides the basic rules for processing, collecting and storing personal data on Mirra.eu.

13. Administrator - is the person responsible for the management of Mirra.eu.

14. The IP address - is the unique network numerical label, assigned to each computer, known as the internet protocol address (IP). Since these numbers are assigned by the blocks of countries, the IP address can often be used to identify the country of the connected computer.

15. The Rules – is a confirmed document "Rules of sale of the online shop mirra.eu".

16. Direct marketing - an activity which purpose is to offer services or goods by mail, telephone or other direct way and(or) ask customers opinion about the goods or services offered.


17. Privacy Policy of Mirra.eu provides the basic rules for collecting, storing and processing Personal Data using the Mirra.eu online shop services.

18. The Privacy Policy is intended to provide security and protection of the Personal Data of Mirra.eu Buyers from illicit Use. Privacy Policy also applies to Mirra.eu accounts.

19. It is considered that the Buyer has agreed with the Privacy Policy after he had read it and agreed to process his Personal Data by ticking the item "I have read the Privacy Policy and agree that my Personal information should be used, as specified therein order"

20. You can read the Privacy Policy and print it at any time on the web at https://mirra.eu/en/content/10-privacy-policy. About all changes and additions to the Privacy Policy Buyers will be informed by the publication of a new edition in the online shop Mirra.eu and when connecting to their account at Mirra.eu for the first time after the publication of a new edition, Buyers will have to read it and confirm.

21. The buyer should note that Mirra.eu has links to third party sites, however, the Seller is not responsible for the content of these sites and the methods used by the Privacy Policy of these sites. Therefore, before submitting any personal information, the Buyer must read the Rules, the Privacy Policy and other documents of a particular site.

22. A buyer can make purchases at Mirra.eu online shop by registering and creating an Account at the Mirra.eu.

23. Persons wishing to register at Mirra.eu are required to provide their name and surname, email address, country of residence and create a password. During registration, an Account will be created in which the Buyer will enter his / her personal data - name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, the address of delivery of the goods. Therefore, only the Buyer is responsible for the authenticity of his Personal data. The buyer is provided with a user ID. Buyer at any time can:

23.1. correct and/or supplement Personal Data in the Account. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data that has been corrected or supplemented;

23.2. contact Mirra.eu by email address eu@mirra-shop.com with the request to delete the account.


24. The buyer agrees that his name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth, phone number and IP address will be used for performance analysis and direct marketing of Mirra.eu. Accordingly, Mirra.eu grants the Buyer the right while registering at Mirra.eu or placing an order, to express their consent or disagreement that his name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth and IP address will be used for performance analysis and direct marketing of Mirra.eu.

25. If the Buyer does not wish the Personal Data specified in Item 24 to be used for direct marketing purposes, he must connect to his Mirra.eu Account, go to the "Information page" and remove the tick at the window "Sign up for our newsletter" and click the "Save" button. In all cases, the Buyer can write an email to eu@mirra-shop.com or call Mirra.eu by phone +37069968977 and state that he does not want to receive emails. Mirra.eu stops sending emails only if the email address of the Buyer is clearly indicated.

26. The seller confirms that the Personal Data specified by the Buyer will be used only to provide the Buyers appropriate services (including the right to participate in promotions and projects). The seller confirms that the Buyer's Personal data will be used for performance analysis and direct marketing only if the Buyer agrees. The period of use of Personal Data is the entire period of use of the Buyer’s account at Mirra.eu.

27. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Personal Data of the Buyer, except for the cases:

27.1. when the Buyer himself agrees;

27.2. when performing an order or providing other services - to the Partners of the Seller who provide delivery services or other services ordered by the Buyer;

27.3. Law enforcement authorities in the manner prescribed by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;

27.4. if it is necessary to block the illegal activities or when investigating them.

28. The Buyer has the following rights:

28.1. To write a request to the Seller to get acquainted with the Personal Data associated with him. Information to the Buyer is provided at the specified e-mail address;

28.2. to write a request to the Seller to get acquainted from what sources and what Personal data was collected, for what purposes it is processed, to whom it is transferred and transmitted during the past year. Information to the Buyer is provided to the specified email address;

28.3. to submit a written request to the Seller by email eu@mirra-shop.com or by phone +37069968977 with the requirement to delete the Account or to stop usage of Personal Data if they are processed without observing the provisions of the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, except as provided for in the Privacy Policy;

28.3. To disagree with the Privacy Policy and thus refuse to use his Personal Data. In this case the Buyer will not be able to make purchases or order services at Mirra.eu;

28.4. immediately express his disagreement in the manner specified in Item 25 of the Privacy Policy, do not agree that his Personal Data is used for direct marketing purposes.

28.5. Submit a request to the Seller to transfer his Personal Data to another personal data controller. Data that the Buyer wishes to transfer is provided to him in the format used in the Mirra.eu system and read by the computer. At the request of the Buyer and in the presence of appropriate technical capabilities, the Seller directly forwards the Personal Data of the Buyer to another Personal Data Controller, specified by the Buyer. A request for the transfer of Personal Data is submitted to Mirra.eu in written form.

29. At the time of receipt of the goods, the document confirming the identity of the Buyer shall be submitted to the postal or courier service employee only for the purpose of identifying the person's identity.

30. The buyer, agreeing with this Privacy Policy, agrees that his Personal Data is used for the purpose of fulfilling the order and also processed by the Seller or his designated data processor for the purpose of analyzing the implementation of orders.

31. The personal data of the Buyer may be transferred to EU countries or other countries under the same conditions and in the same manner as to the subjects of the Republic of Lithuania, and only for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

32. The Seller stores Personal Data as long as the Buyer uses Mirra.eu, except as provided in this Privacy Policy. After deleting the Account in order to comply with the requirements of item 37 of this Privacy Policy, the Personal Data of the Buyer may be stored on the server of the operator of personal data for up to six months, except for the cases provided in item 37 of this Privacy Policy of the requirements of law enforcement agencies for their preservation.

33. The seller through internal organizational and technical measures protects Personal Data from any unlawful actions: unlawful alteration of Personal Data, disclosure or destruction, identity theft, fraud and compliance of the level of protection with the requirements of legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

34. Personal data is protected against loss, unauthorized use and changes. All Buyer's Passwords are encrypted, servers storing personal data may only be accessed by the personnel authorized by the Operator of Personal Data.

35. Personal data of the Buyer may be stored on servers located outside of the European Economic Area. By providing his Personal Data the Buyer agrees with the possibility of such storage. The Seller shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the Personal Data has been processed safely in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable legal acts.

36. The Buyer obliges to safely store the Password and Login to connect to the Mirra.eu Account, as well as other data. The Buyer can not disclose Personal Data or third party data to any third parties. If he got access to any of these, he must immediately inform the Seller of noticed irregularities.

37. The Buyer agrees in advance that the Seller has the right to store his Personal Information as long as necessary for the implementation of Mirra.eu's activity if the Personal Data (1) provided by the Buyer was used for any unlawful activity, or (2) there was suspicion of personality theft or any other violation for which the law enforcement agencies have been or will be subjected to an appropriate investigation (3) if the Seller received a complaint relating a particular Buyer, or if the Seller noticed violations by the Buyer of these Rules or (4) the storage of Personal Data is necessary for other purposes. This data is destroyed after obtaining the necessary orders from law enforcement agencies or authorized institutions.

38. Any request or instruction related to the processing of Personal Data shall be submitted by the Buyer to the Seller in written form in one of the following ways: 1) by handing such a request or indication directly to the Seller at the address A. Jakshto str. 13-48, LT-01105 Vilnius, 2) by sending such a request via e-mail eu@mirra-shop.com from personal buyer’s e-mail, as indicated in Item 25 of the Privacy Policy. The Seller, after receiving such request or indication from the Buyer within 30 (thirty) calendar days gives the Buyer an answer and either commits or refuses to perform the actions specified in the request. At the request of the Buyer, the response must be given in written form.

39. When administering Mirra.eu and diagnosing possible problems, the Administrator can use the IP addresses of the Buyers.


40. The Buyer grants Mirra.eu the right to collect, store, manage and process his Personal Data in such quantity and for the purpose as specified in the Privacy Policy and other Mirra.eu documents.

41. Consent for the collection, management, processing and storage of Personal Data may be revoked. After receiving such a message by email or by other means foreseen in the Privacy Policy, Mirra.eu immediately stops processing the Buyer's Personal Data and deletes the Account. However, this does not mean that the Seller must erase / destroy personal data from the server if he has a legitimate right to retain them, especially for the purpose of ensuring the security and protection of the state, public order, the suppression of crimes, in the case of investigation, prosecution, for the protection of important economic and financial interests of the state, as well as freedom.

42. The Buyer has the right to get acquainted with his Personal Data. In order to find out which personal data Mirra.eu has collected and received, as well as from which sources, for what purposes and to whom it is transmitted, or whether all Personal data of the Buyer is authentic and accurate, the Buyer must contact Mirra.eu in advance by email eu@mirra-shop.com.

43. Upon receipt of an appropriate request from the Buyer for the provision of the Personal Data or the realization of his other rights, the Seller shall authenticate the Buyer's identity. For this purpose the Seller may request the submission of actual customer data specified in the registration form (e.g. telephone, e-mail address or birth date) and compare the data provided with the corresponding personal data. During this check the Seller can send a control mail message or SMS requesting authorization. In addition the Seller may request the provision of a Buyer's identity document. In case of unsuccessful confirmation of the Buyer's identity the Seller will have to reject the buyer's request. The seller, after receiving such a message and confirming the identity of the Buyer, provides the Buyer the necessary information no later than within 30(thirty) calendar days from the day the message was received. In case of rejection of the Buyer's request, he will be given a motivated written response, which will indicate the legal justification for such a decision.

44. If upon acquaintance with Personal Data the Buyer notices that his Personal Information is collected or received from illegal sources, or is not used for proper purposes, the Buyer has the right to contact Mirra.eu by e-mail, requesting to stop processing his Personal Data. Registered Buyer Mirra.eu independently corrects Personal Data by connecting to his Account. Mirra.eu has the right to correct, supplement, modify or delete personal data, or stop it’s use only after identifying the identity of the appealing Buyer.

45. If the Seller doubts about the authenticity of the Personal Data provided by the Buyer, he may stop it’s processing and verify this data. Such Personal Data is used only to verify their authenticity.

46. In order to use the rights mentioned above, the Buyer may contact the Seller at eu@mirra-shop.com.


47. In order to provide full Mirra.eu online shop services, cookies may be stored on the Buyer's computer (or other device). The Buyer has the ability to see which cookie information is written on his computer and to erase some or all of the stored cookies. The buyer may at any time withdraw this consent by changing the settings of his browser, but in this case certain functions of the online shop Mirra.eu may not be available. The buyer must personally inquire about which cookies are used by Seller's Affiliates.

48. Mirra.eu uses the following cookies:

48.1. Type of cookies - we inform you that after connecting to Mirra.eu for it’s effective functioning, the cookies listed in this table will be written to your computer:

Cookie fileCookie namePurpose of data processingTime of creationValidityUsed data
Cookie mirra.eu PHPSESSID ID of user session Upon entrance to the page Until the end of session Randomly generated string
Cookie mirra.eu PrestaShop-cc8d9e2b2580e8f6c55827e15ca8cb24 Prestashop platform Upon entrance to the page 12 days String
Cookie mirra.eu cookieconsent_status agree to use cookies after consent to the use of cookies 1 year string
Cookie analytics.google.com _ga “Google Analytics” is used to evaluate user’s visit purpose Upon entrance to the page 2 year N/A
Cookie analytics.google.com _gat “Google Analytics” is used to evaluate user’s visit purpose Upon entrance to the page 1 hour N/A
Cookie analytics.google.com _gid “Google Analytics” is used to evaluate user’s visit purpose Upon entrance to the page 1 day N/A

Above mentioned cookies are intended for transferring information over the Internet. In the browser settings you can delete or block all cookies, but in this case some functions of Mirra.eu may not be available.

48.2. To analyze the Buyers behavior at Mirra.eu Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika are used. This means that when you visit Mirra.eu, the Buyer's browser automatically sends certain information to Google and Yandex. Information on how Google and Yandex technologies collect and process data is available on the sites https://policies.google.com/privacy and https://yandex.ru/legal/confidential/.


49. This Privacy Policy shall enter into force on October 03, 2019. Users will be informed about any changes of the Privacy Policy in the way described in Item 21 of this Privacy Policy.