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Our new generation fluoride-free toothpaste was developed in collaboration with the Dept. of Technology of Chemical Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products, D. Mendeleev Un-ty of Chemical Technology.  Plant-based active formula is distinguished by anti-bacterial action. Essential oils slow down the development of pathology, plant extracts soothe inflammation and strengthen the gums.  White phosphate composition helps protect tooth enamel and prevent the formation of tartar.

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Toothpaste serves multiple purposes like cleansing and remineralising tooth enamel, ensuring lasting protection against bacterial action and helping maintain a healthy oral cavity.  

Prophylactic Mouthwashes help strengthen the hard dental tissues, prevent the development of caries, remove bad breath and protect the gums against bleeding and inflammation.

Innovative no-rinse toothpaste with bacteriophages helps maintain the oral cavity flora balance, affecting harmful bacteria only. The targeted neutralisation of pathogenic flora is the new quality achieved by scientists, working together with MIRRA. Indispensable for the prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis and other inflammatory conditions of soft periodontal tissues.