Oral Spray with 6 Essential Oils
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Oral Spray with 6 Essential Oils

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Removes bad breath and freshens the mouth, protects against infection

The original formulation helps break sulphur compounds in the mouth that cause bad breath. An essential oil complex with antibacterial action helps freshen your mouth while restoring the oral microbiome. Mint essential oil leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Siberian fir phytoncides, combined with monarda essential oil, acts upon a broad spectrum of relatively pathogenic microorganisms. While spraying, minute droplets of spray release the volatile phytoncide molecules that suppress the activity of pathogens while at the same time acting as natural gentle immunostimulants.


• improves the local immune response in the area of respiratory tract;

• protects against bacterial and viral infection;

• helps reduce swelling, stimulates epithelium regeneration;

• improves the circulation in the area of respiratory mucosa;

• protects respiratory mucosa against industrial aerosols and atmospheric pollutants;

• moisturises the oral cavity;

• removes bad breath and freshens the mouth.

Advantages of nozzle dispenser:

• easy and convenient to use;

• targeted local action;

• accurate dosage allows ensuring an optimal concentration of active substances.


spray oral mucosa as required. Recommended usage scheme: 1-2 sprays 2-3 times daily, repeat if required. For best results, use daily.

Oral Cavity Spray, distinguished by a large phytoncide concentration, may be used as an efficient supplementary or prophylactic treatment.

Contraindications and precautions:

individual intolerance of ingredients. Avoid contact with the eyes.


water, aloe juice, glycerin, germaben II, olive oil, menthol, Siberian fir cellular juice, Siberian fir СО2-extract; monarda, tea tree, mint, lavender, sage and basil essential oils; anti-hypoxant epofen, dihydroquercetin; liquorice, green tea, echinacea purpurea, sweet clover, marshmallow, nettle, raspberry leaf, knotgrass, Asiatic pennywort, Ginkgo Biloba, linden flower, lemon-balm and wild yam extracts, soy lecithin, carbomer.


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