Dear customers, this is to assure you that we continue to work

COVID-19 has affected more than 170 nations around the world, and many of them are taking measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
For instance, the borders of the European countries with the outside world are being closed, mass events are banned, cafes and restaurants are closed, many people work from their homes.

But e-commerce continues.

The office of is situated in Vilnius, Lithuania where unprecedented quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the infection are taken. The country is not in the list of high-risk countries, the numbers of infected are low but to ensure the safety of our clients the staff that takes care of e-store wear masks and gloves and avoid contact with the other staff who work from homes.

We forward orders on a regular basis and do everything to provide our clients with the best service possible. 

Postal and DPD work, however, a delivery time has increased to 2-4 weeks due to restrictions in some countries.

We thank you for staying with us at this challenging time and wish you health and good luck in all your endeavors!