Spring Skin Care Routine

Spring Skin Care Routine

The most unpleasant reminder of winter is skin dehydration. Skin loses a huge amount of water due to too dry air indoor, insufficient water intake, frosts etc. It means that your prior task in spring is to moisturize your skin! Of course, any woman who takes care of herself uses moisturizing and nourishing skin products all year round. In spring I would recommend using a new Mirra product Moisturizing Serum with Caviar Sol. It’s an amazing product!

Caviar sol is a liquid with small eggs inside. Mirra experts have used this ingredient for the first time in producing cosmetics and already had a chance to assess its effectiveness. Sol has a higher content of amino acids, vitamins, and microelements than sheep placenta extract and human breast milk.

Thus, we nourish our skin and moisturize it at the same time. In addition to caviar sol, the serum contains sodium hyaluronate which helps to retain moisture and forms kind of a “molecular sponge”. The water never vapors out of this sponge even at low air humidity.

Now, how you can use the serum with caviar sol. You can use just it without any additional products or use it before applying a cream. Of course, the ideal option is to combine Moisturizing Serum with Caviar Sol and other products containing caviar. They are an extremely popular Uma Balm, Cream Mask with sturgeon caviar, facial cream Magic or Lifting Effect Oil. For aging skin, I would recommend using the Serum with Magic cream in the morning and Uma Balm at night. Just a month of such intensive skincare and you will enjoy your reflection in the miracle.

Oh, yes! Never forget about cleansing your skin thoroughly! Skin care starts with cleansing.

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