Anti-age skin care (45+)

Anti-age skin care (45+)

Sadly, there is no magic pill to make us young forever. The older a woman the more attentive she should be to her health and, of course, skincare. For every woman in her 40s, I highly recommend not to limit her skincare routine to using only facial cream because you can do it when you are younger. The anti-age serum is a must. The good news is that our company has developed amazing anti-age serums ideally suited for everyone.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we offer our anti-age skincare program.

1. Everyday cleansing

Use Micellar Water.
It very gently removes dirt without damaging your skin.
If you have heavy makeup, then use a cotton round to remove it.
In other cases, just wash with micellar water and then rinse off with running water at room temperature.
By the way, do not use too much makeup if you are in your 40s.

How to use: apply on a cotton round and delicately cleanse your skin along the massage lines. You can leave it like this but I recommend washing your face with running water.

2. Toning

I recommend a Toning Lotion with Silk Peptides. The previous name of the lotion was a Silk Route. And I find it a correct name because when we are getting older, we should treat our skin very gently and delicately as expensive silk.

How to use: cleanse your face and neck with a cotton pad or a tissue 1-2 times a day.

3. Deep Cleansing

I can hardly think of any other anti-aging product than Enzymatic peel with papain. Apply it once a week when taking a bath to clean skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. Peeling gel dissolves dead cells without damaging your skin releasing new healthy cells.

How to use: apply fermentative peeling to clean skin for 15-20 minute avoiding eye area, then rinse off with warm water. If you have sensitive skin, you may have a prickly sensation and hyperemia but the symptoms will disappear in 20 minutes after you finish the procedure. After it, you can apply other products suitable for your skin type. Apply the peeling 1-2 times a week. A stable effect is achieved after a 3-4 week course. Then it is recommended to take a break for 2-3 months.

4. Moisturizing

For moisturizing use not only Comfort facial cream but also Aqua serum. You can combine these products and then apply them to your skin. Or you can apply the serum first and then Comfort cream. Anyway, these products enhance the effect of one another and moisturize your skin which increasingly loses its water content with age.

5. Nourishing

Expert balm and Anti-aging serum will nourish your skin

6. Eye Skin Care

We recommend using Cream for Eyelids and Serum for eyelids Vita.

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