Anti-aging program combining food supplements and skincare

Anti-aging program combining food supplements and skincare

Ageing of the body is one of the major issues in modern biology and medicine. The existing anti-ageing programs are aimed at slowing down the process of skin ageing in all its complexity.

Over the years, Cosmetics Company MIRRA developed a number of anti-ageing treatments for clients of different ages and skin types. These include daily and intense skin care products, protectant balms, also luxury skin care treatments on the basis of red and black caviar.

Anti-ageing programs developed by MIRRA are based on holistic approach to rejuvenation that affects the whole body, not just the skin. For this purpose, a combination of cosmetic products and biologically active food supplements is used.

The efficiency of combined use of cosmetics and supplements in anti-ageing programs was confirmed by our numerous observations and special tests conducted at the Medicinal Centre for Corrective Cosmetology EKLAN (Moscow).

During the first course that lasted for 25 days, test participants (20 women aged 37 to 85 with variously expressed signs of ageing) took only food supplements (vitamin and mineral formulas), such as MIRRA-ZINC, MIRRA-SELENIUM, MIRRA-CALCIUM and MIRRAVIT.

During the second course that lasted for 25 days, participants combined the intake of vitamin and mineral formulas with skin care treatments:

Test results revealed significant and objective improvements of skin condition:

  • Skin moisture content increased by 65%;
  • Skin elasticity improved by 52%;
  • Skin pigmentation decreased by 13%;
  • Wrinkle depth decreased by 20%;
  • Microcirculation improved by 61%.

For the first time in the history of clinical instrumental testing the efficiency of food supplement intake in improving skin condition was confirmed:

  • after the first course, skin elasticity improved by 19%;
  • skin microcirculation improved by 57%.

All tested indicated that the condition of their skin had improved significantly.

The advantages of MIRRA anti-ageing program:

  • absence of ingredients that may irritate or damage the skin, such as acids or retinol;
  • absence of hormone modulating agents;
  • absence of foetal materials;
  • gradual improvement of skin looks, the absence of rehabilitation period;
  • superb nourishing effect of natural red and black caviar;
  • visible and durable result in just 2 months of use;
  • complex action: overall health improvement + skin care;
  • absence of side effects;
  • supply of recommended daily intake of anti-oxidants, vitamins and trace elements;
  • absence of heightened photo sensitivity of the skin;
  • at home skin care program supplements the professional care;
  • possibility of repeating 2-3 times a year.

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