Winter care for dry ageing skin

Winter care for dry ageing skin

Going to work one day, I suddenly realised that probably not all women take good care of their skin in wintertime. Of course, there are cryoprotectants that everyone knows about. But if you are well into your mature years and there is freezing cold outside, you would naturally prefer to feel comfortable, but also would like to look attractive. Therefore I recommend you to heed my advice, based on personal and professional experience.

So, what does your skin require right now? That's right: protection, very active hydration and ample nourishment. I advise combining several products in both morning and evening care.

In the morning, wash your face with whatever product you like, as always. I adore OIL FOAM FACIAL CLEANSER WITH MARINE COLLAGEN. Not only because it perfectly cleanses the skin without drying it, but also because it allows me to perform the light massage of my face and décolletage morning and night.

Next, as always, is toning. For me, nothing works better than FACE TONER WITH COLLAGEN OF TWO TYPES AND AMINO ACID COMPLEX. Now we try to tone and nourish our skin as much as possible. Apply FACE TONER WITH COLLAGEN OF TWO TYPES AND AMINO ACID COMPLEX (which has a texture of a very light gel), REGENERATING CREAM COLLAGEN PREMIUM on top of it and CRYO-MODELING EYE CREAM to the area around the eyes. Allow your skin to take it all in properly and treat yourself to a tea or coffee break!

The next step (in about 30 minutes) is protection and make-up. This is where I have a little secret. The fact is that foundation doesn't always look good on ageing skin. To keep my toner from clogging the wrinkles and visually ageing the face, I always add some kind of cream to my foundation. In winter, I mix MINERAL FOUNDATION BASE TAN EFFECT with CRYOPROTECTANT CREAM. You may determine the ratio of mixed parts yourself. If you want your tone to be lighter, add more cryoprotectant; if you want it to look as if you have just returned from a southern resort, do the opposite. I mix these two products right in the palm of my hand and quickly apply them evenly all over my face and neck, including the skin around my eyes and lips. That's it, my face has a slight tan and healthy glow.

From here you are free to choose. You may apply thorough eye make-up, for example, as an option - that's up to you. What is obligatory, in my opinion, is a blusher. It will give your face a healthy, youthful glow. You may use any blush, but I prefer to use lipstick for this purpose instead of a real blush. I apply a little bit to the cheekbones and thoroughly blend, then I paint my lips with the same lipstick (let me remind you to always cover your lips with foundation). Now you are ready to conquer the world!

In the evening, do not forget to wash all the artwork thoroughly with OIL FOAM FACIAL CLEANSER WITH MARINE COLLAGEN, tone your skin using REGENERATING LOTION WITH CAVIAR SOL (no later than 2 hours before going to bed) and treat your skin with BOOSTER SERUM WITH MARINE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES (apply to the eye area as well, but only to lotion dampened skin).

Your last must-have during wintertime is REFRESHING AQUA-SPRAY LOTION WITH GREEN TEA AND CYPRESS. In the evening, after you've taken your make-up off and given your skin a rest, give it something useful to drink. If you sit in front of the TV or computer, spray the lotion on your face several times during the evening. It's also a good idea to do it during the day, as it is very dry indoors. However, never do this before going out in the cold.

Take care of yourself and be beautiful!

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