Nail and Cuticle Oil
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Nail and Cuticle Oil

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Nail and Cuticle Oil is an efficient and economic formulation for nail and hand care.

Rich plant oil-based formula with vitamins and lycopene nurtures and protects nail plates and the skin around them.

Plant oil and vitamin F polyunsaturated fatty acids stimulate cellular regeneration and thus help repair damaged tissues.

Vitamin E and lycopene offer anti-oxidant protection.

Medicinal plant extract complex, α-bisabolol and lavender lipids help to heal minor skin lesions and cuts after a manicure. They are also distinguished by anti-inflammatory qualities.

The combination of medicinal plant CO2 extracts, essential oils and shikonin has a bactericidal effect.

Nail and Cuticle Oil instantly softens, actively moisturises and nourishes the cuticula, protecting it against cracks and hangnails. Strengthens nail plates protecting them against layering, reviving their natural gloss and elasticity. By regular application, nails, cuticula and the surrounding skin acquire a healthy and well-groomed appearance.


Rice bran oil, Simmondsia oil, Amaranthus oil, Black currant seed oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Bisabolol, Shikonin, Lycopene, Lavender lipids, Chamomile CO2 extract, Liquorice CO2 extract, Milfoil CO2 extract, Pomegranate CO2 extract, Calendula CO2 extract, Menthol, Monarda essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Sage essential oil and Sage oil.


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